Sunday, August 30, 2009

just some life goals

maybe this post is more for me than for you readers. listed below are goals for myself, and i'm posting them as a source of encouragement and possibly even accountability.

some things i hope to accomplish in my life:

- be a part of a church plant
- live overseas for a good chunk of time
- practice some form of art therapy
- help raise a bunch of kids
- take voice lessons
- continue making art
- live simply
- learn to organize well

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

recession schmecession

a customer at the coffee shop asked me one day: "is that your recession hair?"

my interpretation: "are you wearing your hair in a ponytail because you can't afford to get it cut right now, or are you just being lazy?"

well, lady, i'll have you know that it's not because of the recession that i can't afford a good hair cut right now.... and boo-yah, i'll just cut my own hair!!!!

so i did....

the front:

the back:

now it's not (by farrrr) the best hair cut i've ever received but it's manageable and i can wear it down comfortably. i guess it's a little shorter than i would've ideally liked but i just kept choppin away at it! :)