Thursday, March 16, 2006


So, I am halfway through my study abroad journey in Spain. That´s so hard to believe; time has just flown by like the running of the bulls.... I had to do that. Anyways, I hate that I haven´t kept this blogger up, but I honestly didn´t know how to do this until I saw one made by a friend of mine.

I´m very thankful for this trip and for the sufficient funds to not only come to Spain, but to also be going to other countries in Europe. This week, God has shown me just how important community is for the uplifting of one´s soul. My time with the Lord here has been incredible. But, going from constantly being around a body of believers back home to being around a few believers and all, I have seen God´s provision daily. My birthday was yesterday, and all through the week and all day yesterday and even into today, I have been receiving cards, emails, Facebook messages (haha), and random phone calls from across the Atlantic (Miss Alexander!), I have seen just how dang blessed I am to have these lovely people in my life. My family and friends are absolutely THE BEST.

I don´t want this to come across bad, but it was honestly more meaningful when the girls I´ve been around here were amazing to me for my birthday! The reason it was more meaningful was because I didn´t expect it. My friends here are incredible and precious, but God just showed Himself more to me in the encouraging gestures from them. Five girls and I went to the beach all day yesterday (yes, we skipped class!) and had to meet early to leave and take buses, etc etc.... but, they made me cards and cookies and I didn´t have to pay for anything at the beach but the ticket there. I mean, I felt so blest to be in their company. They are all so loving. I just feel like the Lord wants me to know that He too is creative. And although He´s unchanging, He likes to use different situations in my life to show me who He is, especially when I am least expecting it.

Granted, it was sad to not be at home to celebrate my 21st. I definitely missed my family, my friends, and being in their company. I especially missed March birthday month at my grandparents´ house.... even though they are going to celebrate my birthday with me in May. Haha.... I can´t go a year without the cream cheese pound cake with my name on it!!

Once I figure out how I can get my pictures onto a disk and onto a computer, and find the 3+ hours it will take to do that, I will. I will continue to experience freedom in the Lord like I never have. I will continue to seek the Lord with all of my heart. I will continue to love people and serve them like Jesus did. And I will continue to pray for all of you.