Monday, January 05, 2009

looking back to look ahead

why i haven't blogged in so long, i'm not really sure....

happy new year!! i'm happy to be embarking upon this new year and am happy to report that a lot of change is about to go down.

last week, God began shaking up how i've been viewing my life. in short, He showed me that i've been waiting for something to happen, something to change-- so that i can "start" living. and My Heavenly Father wants me to not be wasting a moment where i can be living, embracing the gifts He has given me and where He has me at this very second. to not wait for a ministry, but to be faithful with what He has given me. and so He has given me a renewed vision for this season of my life. and i am so thankful that the Creator of the Universe has chosen me as His daughter and follower and promises to never leave me.

as i reflect on 2008, i can only be thankful for the time i have been able to spend with the ones i love. jessica bentson in the month of january. my mom in february (during my surgery recup). in NYC with renee & amy in april. graham & nicole in may. jessica figley in june, road trip to HHI. megan leap in july, with our many celebrations. good times with the youth group on the mission trip in august. sweet time with new friend, jessica forbes, in philly. family time (celebrating my first full month home) in october. quality time with the coffee shop girls in november. extended family & friends from everywhere made december special. all in all, it was a wonderful year, and i pray God continues to teach me more about His love in 2009.