Thursday, August 30, 2012

pregnancy highlights | 34 weeks

how far along: 34 weeks
due date: October 10
size of baby: butternut squash - 18.5 inches, 5.5 lbs.

gender: girl!
movement: again, her movement is really fun right now. we love trying to guess if what we see is a hand, foot, knee, elbow, etc.      
{ babe at 33 weeks - eyes open. daddy's cheeks. mama's nose. }

symptoms: some feet swelling and impatience (we are eager to see her little face in person).  
food cravings: chocolate ice cream :)   
maternity clothes: i am actually wearing one of Jon's button-down shirts today. sadly, i'll probably grow out of it soon - haha!
what I miss: being around family.
best moment of the week: it was definitely my release from bedrest (yesterday)! this means i can pretty much do anything besides heavy lifting or running - and it is such a blessing. 
getting ready: i'm really looking forward to deep cleaning the house a few times before the babe arrives.
daddy: I need to give him a shout-out: He has been so supportive during this time of bedrest - cooking, cleaning, running errands, listening to me, and being present and loving... all while working full-time. I've been amazed by his attitude and energy, and I can't wait to share the joy of parenthood with him. Jon, I'm so thankful for you.
prayer requests: please continue to pray for our friends and family who are dealing with pain and hurt. pray they will have peace from the Lord and feel loved. 

{34 weeks - both sides - i think my belly looks bigger on the left. }

Thursday, August 23, 2012

pregnancy highlights | 33 weeks

how far along: 33 weeks
due date: October 10
size of baby: durian fruit - 18 inches, 5 lbs.

gender: girl!
movement: she's definitely moving. we love being able to feel a little foot here and there - as she's getting bigger and has less protection from the real world.      
symptoms: just the usual fatigue, discomfort, and nesting.  
food cravings: pick your favorite fried food... i choose french fries right now.   
maternity clothes: mostly dresses. I might need to start wearing Jon's clothes soon!
what I miss: independence. :)
best moment of the week: we received a message that i will probably be released from bed rest after our 34-week appointment next week. we are very thankful for this news.
getting ready: we have re-arranged our home, done some baby laundry, built a swing, and will be installing shelves & organization soon.
daddy: Jon pretty much re-arranged the house last weekend while I directed him. He is mostly proud of coming up with the term "bedrestaurant" - his word for making dinner at home.
prayer requests: please pray for our friends and family who are dealing with pain and hurt. pray they will have peace and feel loved. our hearts are hurting for them.

{ 33 weeks | yes, i gained 10 lbs in one month }

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

pregnancy highlights | 32 weeks

Not much has changed since last week, so I've only answered some of them. :)

how far along: 32 weeks
due date: October 10
size of baby: jicama - 16.7 inches, 3.8 lbs.  

gender: girl!
food cravings: fried everything.   
best moment of the week: I've gotten to see a lot of friends in the past week (almost every day!). As an extrovert, this has been wonderful. 
daddy: Jon came back with a lot of information from the infant care class and even got to hold a fake newborn baby!
prayer requests: Today, we received good news about our little one. She's measuring about a week ahead and seems to be pretty happy in utero. Also, continue to pray that we can support our family & friends who are going through difficult times. 

{ 32 weeks }

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

pregnancy highlights | 31 weeks

how far along: 31 weeks
due date: October 10
size of baby: pineapple (!) - 16.7 inches, 3.8 lbs.

gender: girl!
movement: the baby girl's been moving in ways that are painful. whether it be her kicking or just moving for 5 minutes straight, her action is pretty uncomfortable!     
symptoms: I am experiencing a lot of rib pain. I made the mistake and read online articles about rib pain... let's just say, I'd rather grin & bear it than get an orthopedic brace in the case I have dislocated ribs. also, nesting... but there's not much i can do about that right now. 
food cravings: right now, I'm craving that pineapple pictured above!!!   
maternity clothes: dresses, both maternity & non-maternity, are a staple for going out. a good friend also sent me a pretty scarf that i wore to my appointment this week. :)
what I miss: getting ready without being out of breath - haha!
best moment of the week: we received positive news from our ultrasound again. we are feeling more & more confident that I'll go full term.
getting ready: i stay up at night re-arranging our furniture (in my head) in hopes that we can get everything ready before she arrives. thanks to some friends & family, we have a good plan. 
daddy: he is currently taking an infant care class at the hospital - while I'm sitting here watching Wheel of Fortune. I'm really proud of him.
prayer requests: we have several friends and family who are going through difficult times - with babies, with health, with life. I just want to go hug all of them, but I can't - pray we can support them well. 

{ 31 weeks: it takes a lot of focus for me to do anything these days }

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

pregnancy highlights | 30 weeks

how far along: 30 weeks
due date: October 10
size of baby: large cabbage - 16 inches, 3 lbs.
gender: girl!
movement: her movement has been very different lately. I'm guessing it's because she's bigger and I'm feeling a lot more than just kicks & punches.  
symptoms: I am much more hungry. still no swelling - yay! 
food cravings: I believe I'm craving doughnuts so much because I haven't had any recently! :) Other than that, my appetite is pretty normal.  
maternity clothes: since I'm not going out in public much, I'm not buying a lot of maternity clothing. most of what I wear around the house isn't even maternity... just really stretchy! 
what I miss: visiting family & friends and going on vacation! hey people, it's the summer so GO TO THE BEACH!!!  I usually spend a lot of my summer visiting folks, especially my Nana - who I haven't seen in over a year. It will be fun to get out of the house and travel once our daughter arrives.
best moment of the week: there's so much to say here!!!!  Some friends threw a shower for me in my neighbor's place upstairs. friends and family traveled to DC for it, and having so many loved ones around all weekend was life-giving! we feel so blessed and thankful for the gifts and love we received. 
getting ready: .... now, we just have to re-organize our house to make room for all the baby stuff!
daddy: Jon is taking fatherhood seriously and has signed up for an infant care class, which he will take next week. he will spend 3 hours learning about diapering, swaddling, bathing, baby safety, etc. I'm proud of the initiative he has taken and encouraged by his support.
prayer requests: we were surprised when receiving positive results from our weekly ultrasound! we are even more hopeful now that our daughter will arrive closer to her due date. Pray for mama and baby to stay healthy. 

{ 30 weeks }