Friday, October 17, 2008

stealing computers

think about this with me. how many times have we left our computers unattended in a public place, or seen someone else do it? (this is not a rhetorical question)

confession: i just did it. i set my computer bag in a booth at panera and went to the bathroom. my justification upon doing it was that all the guys around my booth were on their own computers.

once i entered the bathroom, the thought crossed my mind that one of those guys might be a computer stealer: someone who camps out at places like panera, coffee shops, & other free wifi joints, waiting for an trusting individual (like myself) to leave the computer for a short time. then, as soon as the victim walks away, the predator packs up his own stuff and on his bolt out the door, grabs the lonely computer!!! the culprit simply used his computer as a guise.

final thoughts:
i believe it's absolutely absurd that i left my computer out in the open, and i could blame it on the fact that i never used to lock my house or car until college... but i won't. what can you blame it on?