Friday, December 18, 2009

christmas card 2009

Most of you reading this post will have received my Christmas card, with a link to my blog on it.

work: I am still learning something new every day about dental anatomy, making crowns and bridges, and I even got a good report last week! So, after 3 months, I think I'm finally catching on. Below is my "report card."

("near perfect"... hooray!)

home: oh, Allen Street, our home sweet home! Caroline and I almost forgot how vacant the street becomes once the cold weather sweeps in. It's bittersweet, because although our street is mostly quiet, we don't get to see all our favorite neighbors as much. The fence is serving its purpose and preventing folks from going into our back yard.

(me & caroline at a mute math concert)

church: the Lord is using Christ Central to constantly encourage and challenge me. I'm very thankful for my community group and the youth group especially. The teenage girls I get to be spend time with are such a delight and blessing. I'm so happy to be staying in Charlotte and be with them more.

(me & youth group girls)

family: Darla's college volleyball team went to nationals this year. Tj is changing schools. Mandy & Jacob are learning how to manage work with new baby Davis. Davis is the cutest ever and is a joy to be around. I never knew I could love a baby this much!! Momma is staying busy from keeping Davis during the day- any grandmother's dream!! Dad is staying busy researching good real estate deals in the area.

(davis- he's so stinkin cute!)

school: I'm hopefully going to be taking a seminary class next semester. I'm waiting on my acceptance into Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS).

thank you for taking time out to read this.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

winter, the hated season.

winter falls between december 20 & march 20....

why is winter my favorite?

- the air feels clean. something about the cold makes it crisp and non-humid and it feels good to breathe in.

- layers! i love scarves, sweaters, coats, boots, gloves, hats... and wearing 15 layers. it's so much fun to get bundled up & it makes outfits more interesting. i have an easier time putting together outfits during winter.

- christmas. that means advent, family all together, gifts, generosity, parties, happy people, good moods. and celebrating Jesus' birth collectively.

- new year's! i looooove parties, people, dressing up, sparkly things... and that's what new year's is. plus, it offers a fresh start, makes people set goals and evaluate their lives.

- my birthday!!!!! haha.... seriously, though, i love birthdays and parties and gifts, especially mine.