Wednesday, July 25, 2012

pregnancy highlights | 29 weeks

Hi there! Since Jon just posted on Saturday, I thought I might go in a different direction with this weekly update.

Wednesdays are technically our "change dates"- which means our little one is right at 29 weeks today.  We count each day as a blessing and hope to have a couple more months before we go to the hospital. 

The rest of the post is going to be a series of pictures to fill in some highlights I want to document.  

{ 19 weeks: Nationals game with friends Hillary & Donato (and Teddy Roosevelt!) #RacingPresidents }

{ 20 weeks: friend Megan visited. brother-in-law Scott came with dog Wyatt.  Em & Will also in DC made for a fun weekend! Here we are at Northside Social in Arlington. }  
{ 20 weeks again: a talented brother trio entertain the rest of us out on the back deck }
{ 23 weeks: my brother TJ came to visit the week after I was put on bed rest, so my wonderful husband took TJ around DC all weekend }

{ 26 weeks: Jon left for his sister's wedding and my mom came up to hang out. She cooked, cleaned, ran errands, assembled furniture, everything!! It's no surprise I don't have any pictures of her, but here's one of me on the 4th of July watching fireworks from the front porch. }
{ 26 weeks: This is Jon's family in Orlando to celebrate his sister marrying Kyle! They ran a 5k to kick off the festivities.  Scott, Anne (bride!), Kyle (groom!), Emily, Sarah, Jon }
{ 27 weeks: my friend and upstairs neighbor took some maternity pictures for me - so sweet!  Check out more of her work here - Whit&Whimsy. }  

{ 27 weeks: Meet my sweet nephew Davis. He's about to turn 3 and has named our baby Lilly-Pok (haha!!). We love getting pictures and videos of his latest antics. }
{ 28 weeks: We decided to celebrate our girl's 28th week with a cookie cake - thanks to my sweet husband! } 
{ 28 weeks: Jon's surprise treat to me was a Coke float....almost like being at the Soda Shop! } 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

pregnancy update | 28 weeks

jon holbrook, dutiful husband and proud father, is guest-blogging for the 28 week mark. (proofread by tiff of course)

how far along: 28 weeks
due date: October 10
size of baby: chinese cabbage, 15 in., 2.25 lbs.

gender: girl!
movement: thankfully, our daughter loves to move and sway and gesticulate. she is pretty active these days. when we play music for her, tiff swears that she responds with movement. 
symptoms: nothing yet. as the weeks pass by, tiff still hasn't felt any symptoms of preterm labor - which is terrific news. we had a really encouraging appointment on monday morning. 
food cravings: our doctor was concerned about tiff's weight, explaining that she needs to gain more. so, tiff gets to indulge her ice cream cravings. on the other hand, i fake cravings for spinach and hard-boiled eggs to make sure that tiff gets her protein. 
maternity clothes:  i was finally able to sift through our storage unit for tiff's summer clothes. as a result, tiff has been waltzing around the house in her summer outfits - by waltzing, i really mean, lounging on the couch. 
what I miss: i miss exploring the city together. tiff was a great sport for trying new restaurants and a great companion for dates around town. we've nevertheless been able to enjoy being home bodies (and watch Nationals games most nights). 
best moment of the week: i think that the appointment on monday lifted our spirits. our ultrasound tech, who has gotten to know our situation really well, had a really hopeful tone. Amid plenty of sobering news, it was comforting to hear that tiff and the baby might make it to full-term.  
getting ready: tiff has her first shower next week - which means that we will be hosting lots of family in town. we are thrilled to see parents and siblings (and especially our nephew, davis).  we're excited for the cousins to meet. 
daddy: i'm doing well - constantly encouraged by the support of friends, family, co-workers. for those who know me, they know that i'm a sentimental guy. i'm thrilled about being a father, absolutely thrilled. 
prayer requests: for wisdom mainly - that we make wise decisions about raising our daughter, about possibly relocating our family in the next few years. and mental toughness for tiff. she has been really strong over the last few weeks but bedrest has taken its toll. and, most importantly, for the baby's health. i pray for her every day. 

{ my beautiful wife at 28 weeks (hardly even showing) }
thanks for letting me share my thoughts this week. 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

our wedding on a blog!

Even though the engagement story isn't completely accurate, how exciting is it that our wedding is featured on a wedding blog! Our photographer submitted the wedding to Sarah from A Paper Proposal. Check out what she posted here.
Yesterday was also a year since we got engaged in Richmond, so it's perfect timing. 

Monday, July 02, 2012

pregnancy highlights | 25 weeks

how far along: 25 weeks
due date: October 10
size of baby: cauliflower, 14 in., 2 lbs.

gender: girl!
movement: yes... less than the past few weeks, but you won't hear me complaining. It makes me happy when she's moving around now. 
symptoms: I don't believe so, but bedrest is giving me ample rest and people are feeding me really well.  
food cravings: sweet things: doughnuts, fruits, brownies, peanut butter, popsicles, ice cream! 
maternity clothes:  my uniform is typically leggings and t-shirts (see below picture).
what I miss: being around lots of people. I love having visitors so much, but it's typically 1 or 2 people at a time. When this little one arrives, I will be more than eager to get out of the house with her!
best moment of the week: I loved going to a party thrown by my neighbors upstairs. I got to squeeze into a dress, fix my hair, and meet new people! I also loved having my cousin & her boyfriend stop by on their way to Jersey. However, it's been a mostly sad week for me. At my doctor's appointment on Monday, we heard that despite bedrest and medicine, I am not getting better. Then on Friday my husband went away to his hometown for a week. It's bittersweet because his sister is getting married next week (!!!!), but we were supposed to be on our vacation this week and I am missing her wedding! Not to mention my honey is gone for 10 days. Thankfully, my mom arrives tomorrow to hang out with me. :)
getting ready: My first shower has been planned, so that's exciting! I look forward to being around a lot of friends and family in a month. 
daddy: I am really happy he's able to get away from work and house chores for a week. He deserves a vacation - a time to rest, refuel, and sleep in. (Selfishly, I just want him at home, though.) 
prayer requests: Please pray that Jon can rest and be encouraged by his family. Pray for Tiff's health - physically and emotionally. Lastly, pray this Baby Girl will wait a couple months to make her debut. 

{25 weeks}
We are so humbled by those who have sent us encouraging notes and packages, as well as all the meals coming in. We're forever thankful and believe the Lord is teaching us so much about community, service, and love during this time.