Friday, May 25, 2012

baby gender reveal!

In discussing how we would like to reveal the gender of our baby, Jon kept coming up with some ideas. We decided not to do any of these ideas, but hope you are entertained nonetheless!
1. give our friends a mood ring that is designed to turn pink 
2. suck on a watermelon jolly rancher and reveal the color of our tongue - the key is that you have to show your tongue in a dramatic way
3. distribute customized fortune cookies
4. make a mix CD of 20 tracks but each track is "My Girl" 
5. incorporate pink gak somehow 
6. design an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine that announces the gender 
7. play clips from "Look Who's Talking Too" because the sequel features a girl 
8. bake a cake and then cut the cake and have the inside be a pink color

We are more than excited to announce that we are having a healthy, long-legged GIRL! Here is a sweet picture of her little face.... 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

pregnancy highlights | 19 weeks

We regret to announce that the gender reveal was re-scheduled for next Thursday. Don't worry - we promise to keep you updated as soon as we find out!

To help you get through the weekend, here are some pregnancy highlights:

how far along: ~19 weeks
due date: October 10
size of baby: length of mango or 6 in., 8.5 oz.
movement: none yet, but could be any day!  I'm eager to feel the babe move around and to share it with Jon.
gender: we find out next week!
symptoms: general discomfort when sitting and being tired.
sleep: I've been getting pretty good sleep... much better sleep than the 1st trimester!
food cravings: frozen yogurt, frozen and fizzy drinks, lots of meat, salty foods.
maternity clothes: i love online window shopping for maternity clothes, but rarely buy anything! the few maternity clothes I've bought are still loose, but I wear them because they're so comfy. all clothes should be this stretchy!
what I miss: a variety of clothing. while I don't have a ton of clothes, I miss being able to wear my jeans. :)
best moment of the week: spending my first Mother's Day with my mom. I'm thankful we could drive down to NC to visit family. 
getting ready: Jon and I have been mentally preparing for baby - reading, researching, & asking lots of questions. we have enjoyed talking & singing to the baby. 
daddy: Jon is wonderfully supportive. everyday, he gives me compliments and goes out of his way to serve me. 
prayer requests: please continue to pray for a healthy baby, for good sleep and times of rest, for strength & patience in this journey.

Monday, May 14, 2012

our baby pool

join the millions entering our  baby pool!

we hope to find out the baby's gender on Thursday, so the sooner the better!

we will be giving prizes to the overall winner(s).

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

a year in review

A year and 2 months have gone by since my last post. In an effort to catch you up and not bore you to death, I'll show you with pictures.

In February, moved near DC to live with these lovebirds.

Got set up with this good-lookin guy. 

We hit it off & he proposed.

Switched jobs a couple times, then got married in November.

Enjoyed a mild winter in DC.

Became pregnant!!

Due around October 10, this little one has kept us preoccupied. Stay tuned for more pregnancy and life updates! I promise to write more regularly.