Wednesday, January 23, 2008

short & sweet.

(Am I talking about myself or the blog?)

Me in a nutshell, like I would imagine a baby squirrel:
I'm looking forward to graduating in May. I'm not sure what I'll be doing post-grad, but I'm praying through a few options.

I tore my ACL again, so I'll be having surgery February 12th.

This is how I injured my knee.

My friend, Jessica, is currently living with me and Kate. I love living with her and am sad to send her off to Madrid February 6th! I admire her for following her dreams.

me & Jessica

I got a MacBookPro as an early bday/grad gift, so that's pretty exciting. I am getting comfortable with it and learning new things about it every day. It still needs a name.

I am taking 3 classes (Drawing 2, Figure & Anatomy Drawing, & Senior Seminar), as well as interning with
NoDa School of Arts. I like it so far, and I'm excited to learn about non-profits and hopefully get to teach some. I also hope to volunteer with a couple other art orgs in the area.

Relationship status: single. A good friend of mine swears that 23 years of age is the hardest for a single lady. My 23rd birthday is March 15th. We'll see. This isn't that intimate of a blog, so we probably wouldn't go any deeper than that anyways....

I'd like to start blogging more frequently, so we'll see how that goes.